Stallion - Warrenbri Regal

Warrenbri RomeoPeter Knight Warrenbri WarregoWarrenbri Warrego

He was born to the land of the beating sun
With the blood of the past in his veins
Where his ancestors before
Fought for our lives in the war
And gave with their blood sweat and strain

He was an own son of “Reality”
Warrenbri Julie was his dam
A stunning young colt
Who could run turn and halt
Still yet to be handled and named

As his owners gazed upon him
Though it didn’t bare reason or rhyme
They felt from the start
Right down deep in their hearts
That this colt was the one, this their time

He bore the stamp of  a champion
In his eye, in his frame and his form
“Warrenbri Romeo” his name
Now his chance to gain fame
To take Australia by storm

The breaker spoke of his spirit
Gave warning of his fight
But it was just unharnessed power
That was moulded with hours
Put in by the family of Knights

They honed his power and cunning
And prepared him for life and battle
Pushing hard on the blade
Became part of his trade
In his job as king of the cattle

DNA of Blood horse and Waler
Formed the stock horse genes of his breed
He was bred to excel
Nothing under heaven or hell
Would stop him fulfilling his need

He had moves of an athelete
The mind of an artist at work
From the stock yards all day
To the weekend at play
Not once did he shy, balk or shirk

His skills were carved out on the station
Dominating cattle at will
Soon campdrafts gave the call
Each onlooker, one and all
Can remember and talk of him still

How he’d read each action and movement
And play with the steer like a mouse
In the cut out yard he would excel
Then he would wait for the yell
“Gate” you could lay down your house.

Bet your last dollar he’d shoulder
Bet the shirt off your back that he’d try
Heeding to rein and leg
Shaving bark of the peg
He would strive, he would fight he would fly

As a stallion a fine competitor
Handsome, strong and true
With the right length of rein
Bone, muscle and vein
Yet with so much left to do

A colt can’t be named a sire
Until his first hundred foals have excelled
The line had been drawn
By doubters, by scorn
That echoed round like a gong in a well

So like a knight prepared for battle
To the broodmare yard he strode
Stamping each newborn foal
With his frame mind and soul
And setting them forth down the road

To Warwick Gold Cups and Championship drafts
To Sydney Royal, working and hacks
Not a prouder man
Could be found in this land
Than the riders who sat on their backs

Champion in stock horse futurities
In challenges, even cutting and reining
They’ll do dressage, they’ll jump
Coloured poles or bush stump
You will find them trying and straining

Warrenbri Omega a sire
Knights Nicholas, Soda Justice all kings
And the great mare Romance
How’d she dazzle and dance
Now she watches her foals strive and win

At the Dalby sales it was mayhem
How they would clamber and fight for his genes
And his progeny’s look
A page torn from his book
Were truly a sight to be seen

Records broken, hearts won, feats recorded
His name Romeo was true, right and fair
For he romanced the nation
Was a star a sensation
With his class, his style and his flare

He sired champion’s well into his twenty’s
He was king of all he surveyed
Each breath was pure class
Right down to his last
Before back to the ground he was laid

Though I never met him in the flesh
I mourned the loss of his life
But Simon Knight has assured
That yet to come there is more
That his bloods running strong running rife

In the veins of Warrenbri Warrego
A Buckskin son of the gun
A true testament to the breeding
To the sowing and seeding
Sees him shine like the heart of the sun

And the big fella Warrenbri Regal
With Abbey on his dam side to boot
Two sires for the ages
We’ll see many more pages
Where they’re taking the stage and the loot

Simon’s father dared to look to the stars
And to dream the unthinkable dream
Now may GOD bless his soul
For he conquered his goal
For Romeo’s blood is running strong like a stream

Now it’s safe to say he was The Sire
He has proven himself to us all
From his daughters and sons
And his grands yet to come
There will be many more trophies on walls

Like his father, Simon is a believer
And he watched his dad’s vision unfurl
Now it’s his time, his turn
To shine brightly and yearn
To take the Warrenbri name to the world

Warrenbri Romeo,we salute you
As you look down from your pasture above
You romanced us you shone
In this world and beyond
And your name leaves us memories of Love

Written by Guy McLean (December 2007)


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