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Warrenbri Molly, owned by Brad & Rachel Passfield, Banana, QLD
Sire: Warrenbri Cooper
Dam: Warrenbri Crystal

Purchased by Acton Family at Landmark Classic 2013, then purchased via the Landmark Paradise Lagoons sale 2014 by Brad & Rachel Passfield. This mare is a true asset to our Campdraft team, with her first start a 4th in the novice at Baralaba Show Draft then a 8th in the Novice at Camboon Campdraft. Going on to win the Novice at Bauhinia one day draft with a 89 & 90.

The next draft she competed in was Taroom where she took out the Novice Golden horse shoe, following with a 5th in the Restricted Open and a 7th in the Open at Bauhinia Draft in March this year.

Molly is unbelievably athletic and quick off the mark. She is a favourite amongst the spectators. We are excited about the future of this mare not only in the Campdraft arena but her breeding future as we believe she is a beautiful type with her powerful hindquarter and with a good rein.

Sire Warrenbri Cooper & Simon Knight, pictured at Charleville Campdraft 2016.

Warrenbri Hazel is a beautiful, kind natured and very easy mare to be around. On cattle she exhibits all the wonderful qualities of her pedigree, speed, agility and cattle sense. After only a handful off starts she won a maiden Draft at Willow Tree in NSW and the on the same day won the run off for the Cobcroft Trophy.

Anyone serious about their campdrafting should have a good hard look at the Roman Oaks, they are just a little bit special.
Ian Watson, Armidale, NSW


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Warrenbri Delight is this best horse I've ever had, ridden, and competed. From the show ring champion, a novice horse Campdrafting to three state Polocrosse championship finals for two wins and one runner up. Yesterday she played her last game of Polocrosse and finished on a high, love this mare, now four Campdrafts to go before sadly retiring her, but excited to start breeding her again. Going to miss playing you old girl you're a legend.
Garth Christiansen, Taroom, QLD


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Warrenbri Ellie

Warrenbri Ellie, owned by Madonna. Sired by Warrenbri Roman Oak and out of Warrenbri Georgina (Blue Moon Mystic X Warrebri Romeo).

Warrenbri Ellie was bought off Simon and Bridget Knight, in April 2005, as a green broke 2 year old mare. Due to my school commitments Warrenbri Ellie was only used for mustering on school holidays for about 2 ½ years. During that time Warrenbri Ellie was a real pleasure to have around and was showing great potential. Despite all set backs and delays, it took Warrenbri Ellie no time at all to be ready for her first year of competition in 2008, as a 5 year old. Warrenbri Ellie’s quick learning ability was all thanks to her bloodlines which blessed her with, wonderful conformation, an intelligent, trainable temperament, natural athletic ability and loads of cattle sense. 2008 unfolded as an exciting and eventful year beginning at Mitchell Campdraft in March, where Warrenbri Ellie scored a 79 and 82 in her only two runs of the weekend. Warrenbri Ellie continued to improve, making it into the Novice Finals at Injune, on an 89 and scoring an 86 in the finals. She also run-off a 24 cut out and got 23 in the run-off. Warrenbri Ellie then went on to prove how versatile she really is, placing 3rd in the ASH Lead, 1st in the ASH Hack and also taking out the Working Horse Class at the Mitchell Show. Warrenbri Ellie also competed successfully in a Working Horse Challenge and Two-handed cutting. All of this success was achieved within the first six months of competition, and it simply demonstrates that Warrenbri Ellie could excel in any discipline.

Warrenbri Ellie is a magnificent young mare with a big future, and it is an absolute privilege to own such a tremendous mare.

Written by Madonna, 20th December 2008.

Since this first campdraft, Warrenbri Ellie's first draft of the 2009 season, she has taken out the maiden campdraft at Mitchell Campdraft with 272 starters.

Injune Campdraft (23-26 April) - Madonna Campbell won the restricted open on Warrenbri Ellie with a score of 90 – ran off for the cutout prize in the novice and the open. What a result for Warrenbri Ellie's 8th ever campdraft.


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